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Kompakkt loading IIIF 3D Manifests

Demo implementation with Babylon.js

(or: How we secretly tidy up behind the scenes)

Presented by Zoe Schubert
Berlin State Library | TIB - Leibniz Information Centre for Science & Tech.


(Semantic) Kompakkt
Loading 3D Manifests
Unexpected Benefits

(Semantic) Kompakkt

Code Base

Loading 3D Manifests

Basic Model in Scene

Background Color

Transformations in Space

Space in Babylon.js & Kompakkt

  • Babylon.js is inherently and deeply left handed with Y up
  • It offers an alternative with the scene.useRightHandedSystem but this is not the main mode. And even in this mode the system is still Y up (but with right handed mode).
  • By setting the camera upVector to 0, 0,1 you are actually rotating the camera but all the maths will still be done in a Y up system

Unexpected Benefits

Lessons & Questions

  • We deeply understand our own code.
  • We need to rethink the decisions we have made (for what or for no reason).
  • We ask our users what they need and we should support.
  • We have TSG experts support on all aspects of the manifestos.



Many thanks,

especially to our users and the IIIF 3D TSG!

We are happy about any collaboration